Thursday, 7 February 2013

Master in Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise & Health

Application and admission (for foreign students)

Entry requirements
To gain admission to the Master’s Programme Human Movement Sciences you must have a Bachelor of Science degree which includes basic knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology on the level of "Introductory textbooks" as well as sufficient research skills and knowledge of Mathematics and Physics. You must also have a good command of English as a working language (TOEFL 580 or IELTS 6,5).

Admission procedure
If you have a Bachelor’s degree and meet all the admission criteria, you can send information to the Admission board of the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, who will decide if you are indeed admissible.

Residents from countries other than the Netherlands (both within and outside the European Economic Area) have to apply for admission by April 1, 2013. Students who want to be admitted into the Master's programme can apply by filling in the appropriate forms and sending them in together with the required documents. See the VU website for the complete admission procedure.

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