Thursday, 21 February 2013

Studying tips for the shoulder girdle muscles

It is a bit difficult to learn the muscles, with origin, insertion and action for the shoulder girdle region. One of the most useful methods I have used (suggested by my teacher in anatomy Mr. Bert Loozen) is to separate them in groups and create some kind of mental models, where each model muscles share some common actions and characteristics.

So, regarding the shoulder girdle, the model I follow is the following:

Group 1 - Trunk --> head muscles

1. Sternocleidomastoideus
2. Subclavius

Group 2 - Trunk --> scapula muscles

1. Trapezius
2. Levetor scapulae
3. Serratus anterior
4. Rhombideus major & minor
5. Pectoralis minor

Group 3 - Trunk --> humerus muscles

1. Latissimus dorsi
2. Pectoralis major

Group 4 - Shoulder girdle --> humerus

1. Deltoideus
2. Subscapularis*
3. Supraspinatus*
4. Infraspinatus*
5. Teres minor*
6. Teres major

* rotators cuff muscles

Here is the link with the file i used to study the muscles separated in these group.


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  3. Who would agree that the first group of the shoulder comprising the names of different muscles sound the coolest? I hope I am pronouncing these right. It's true what you mentioned about it being tough to learn about all the muscles, origins, and insertions. How often do you use these terms in a hospital?
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