Sunday, 3 February 2013

Pain management, a complete guide

Amazing amount of information about pain pathophysiology, pain management, different pathologies, diagnostic tools, treatment plans and many more organized in a very professional and useful way.

I am copying this for the website:

"This is a pain information website run by Doctor Richard Walker, retired Consultant in Pain Management. It provides information, help and advice for pain sufferers and their carers on the diagnosis and treatment of common acute and chronic pain complaints.

Common pain syndromes include low back pain, mid back pain, neck pain, muscle pain and aches, fibromyalgia, minor ligament injuries, arthritis pain and other joint problems, sciatica and other spinal nerve problems, neuralgias (pinched nerve, trapped nerve) and other nerve pains.

There is information about investigations and pain treatment options, such as self help strategies, pain relief medication choices, injection treatments, stretches and exercises.

My aim is to help people improve their pain relief and coping abilities, and to reduce their stress, anxiety and depression through knowledge and understanding".


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