Who I am

Stelios Kolomvounis

Born and raised in Athens, Greece in 1980, first child of a 3-children family, educated in a rather multicultural environment both in Greece and in Europe, worked in a highly demanding business the last 12 years, passionate about life, human relationships, the human body and its functions, and nature.

My enemies hate that I am tall, funny, sportive, intelligent, insistent, staunch and confident. My family and my friends say that I get upset easily, I am headstrong, I talk too much sometimes and I analyse everything too much. I do not know who to believe in but I love my family and my friends a lot.

I believe that love is not a feeling but a way of life we may choose (or not) and that we have to make the most out of this one and only valuable life we are given.

I respect and follow the rules... but an "out-of-the box" mind/attitude is always useful and can give the right solution at the right time. Anyhow, there is only one way to learn... by trying and making mistakes..!

I suppose this is the reason I quit my business after 12 years in the field and started studying again in order to become a Physical Therapist.

Current mission: to become an amazing Physical Therapist and exercise this wonderful profession around the world. The two fields I am interested in is spinal cord injuries, paralympic athletes and orthopaedic physical therapy. Becoming a teacher is also another dream I have. In general, I love being and working in big rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

I am currently studying at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in the European School of Physiotherapy. I started my education there in September 2012.

For more info you can see my complete LinkneIn profile here.

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