Saturday, 2 February 2013

How to live to be 100+

Watch this video and you will be amazed about how simple life can be..!

How to live to be 100+?

1. Move naturally - you do not need any exercise session if your lifestyle is natural and you use your body to do your job instead of buttons and remote controls.

2. Right outlook - wait for a while, relax, focus in the present and concentrate on the joy of the life right here, right now.

3. Eat wisely - you do not need any kind of diet if you eat what your body asks for naturally - a lot of vegetables, fruits, pulses, water, little bit of pure wine if you wish, small quantities and till you reach 80% of your fullness.

4. Connect - be with your love ones, make friends, communicate, share, love - all these are naturally into you.

Everything said in a beautiful video in TED.

We are going to be health professionals affecting others' people life. First, we have to learn to enjoy our own life.

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