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Postural drainage techniques and positions

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Postural Drainage involves a patient assuming various positions to facilitate the flow of secretions from various parts of the lung into the bronchi, trachea and throat so that they can be cleared and expelled from the lungs more easily. The diagram below shows the correct positions to assume for draining different parts of the lung.

Cup your hands when performing chest percussion.

Position hands as shown below when performing chest vibrations.

Sequential positions for complete postural drainage:

1) Upper lobes, anterior segments

2) Upper lobe, posterior segment, right posterior bronchus

3) Upper lobe, posterior segment, right posterior bronchus

4) Right middle lobe

5) Left lingula

6) Lower lobes, apical segment

7) Lower lobes, anterior basal segment

8) Lower lobe, lateral basal segment

9) lower lobes, posterial basal bronchus

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