Sunday, 2 June 2013

Shape your mind for clinical reasoning -

A beautiful, and really useful tool to shape your mind for clinical reasoning as a Physical Therapy student, designed and published by a Physical Therapy student of the European School of Physiotherapy.

getPTsmart is here for us, online, and free to practice and use.

I am copying their mission statement:

Problem identification & general objective

Professional accountability, evidence based practice and autonomy of the profession are primary concerns in contemporary physical therapy (APTA 2000, Rothstein et al. 2003, Atkinson et al. 2011). As it is well-noted that clinical reasoning skills are at the heart of these concerns (Rothstein et al. 2003, Edwards et al. 2004, Higgs et al. 2011), regulatory bodies and educational institutions seek solutions to implement sound clinical reasoning frameworks into their practice guidelines and curricula. Currently, such implementation remains a major challenge due to the complexity and abstract nature of the subject (Engelbert 2011, Voigt 2011, van Egmond 2011).

Finding ways to practice case-based clinical reasoning outside clinical settings remains challenging for physical therapists and students alike. Internationally recognised frameworks of clinical reasoning appear too complex and vast in theory for students and physical therapists to deliberately employ them into their studies and practice routines.

The objective of is to create a way for teachers, students and physical therapists to engage in the teaching and learning of clinical reasoning in a contemporary, time-independent environment that serves as a link between the classroom and clinical practice.

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