Thursday, 20 February 2014

Shoulderdoc - Patient information and professional educational material on shoulder and elbow problems

Len Funk established in 2002. Since then it has become the most popular Shoulder & Elbow information website on the internet, receiving over 150,000 hits per day!.

ShoulderDoc  started off as a simple site to provide our own patients with information and guidance that was not easily available elsewhere. We have tried to make the site as user-friendly as possible and content is added almost daily.

All articles added to the website including medical content are written by medical professionals and peer-reviewed by Prof. Lennard Funk. Wherever possible the reference sources are mentioned and hyper-linked. Sources for reference material include medical textbooks, clinical and scientific journals and our own clinical audits.

Our mission is:
  • To be the one of the best resources of shoulder and elbow information.
  • To educate and partner our patients in making decisions at every stage.
  • To ensure that our clinical practice is of  the highest integrity and evidence based.
  • To promote and provide teaching, research and innovation.

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