Sunday, 15 December 2013

Neurology overview

Here is an overview all all the subjects I covered in my first 2 years of my studies regarding Neurology. Subjects included:

Part 1
Overview; The somatosensory system; The motor system; Spinal anatomy and syndromes; The autonomic nervous system
Part 2
The basal ganglia; The cerebellum; Behavioral neurology; States of consciousness; The cranial nerves, the visual system, the facial and bulbar muscles; Acquired brain injury; Cerebrovascular accident / stroke; Multiple sclerosis

This work is based on the material provided to me by my professor in Neurology Jaap Baker (MD), the Vander's Human Physiology book (Widmaier et al, McGraw-Hill International Edition, NY, 12th ed.), the Physical Management for Neurological Conditions book (Stokes etl, Churchill Livingstone, UK, 3rd ed.), variable internet sources as well as my own work.

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  1. I am president of Student Interest Group for Neurology at my medical school Western University of Health Sciences. I would love to use this image for our club T shirts, do you know how I could get permission for this?