Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I am very glad and proud of presenting you the PhysioTutors!

Andreas and Kai, two of my best classmates at the European School of Physiotherapy, have just created a YouTube channel with some amazing educational videos for tutoring students of the school but also everyone interested in the amazing profession of Physical Therapy. My blog will be hosting videos from their channel and I have already created a separate section for this. What you can find there: hints and tips on how take your first complete patient history, anatomy tutorials, assessment tests and tricks and many many more.

This is a huge project that just started and I wish them all the best. I wish them to make as big as their ambition for that! Well done guys... and thank you for this collaboration.

Andreas Heck

My name is Andreas Heck and I was born and raised in Germany. I also spent most of my time there, though I did a semester abroad in the United States where I developed the idea of studying Physiotherapy.

I had two destinations in mind: Boston and Amsterdam....I ended up in Amsterdam.I am now a second-year-student at the European School of Physiotherapy.

The opportunity of tutoring first-year-students at school led me to creating the youtube channel not only for our tutoring-class but for everyone to benefit from what we have learned. 

Sharing is caring so feel free to subscribe and discuss with us in the comments!

Kai Sigel

I´m Kai Sigel and I am German as well. After finishing German high school (gymnasium) I followed my father’s advice to discard the idea of going into medicine and studied Business Information Systems at the “Duale Hochschule Baden-W├╝rttemberg” in Stuttgart.

After getting my bachelor’s degree, I have worked in the sales and marketing department of a bigger German company as International E-Procurement Project Manager for almost three years.

Yet still, there was this longing in the back of my mind to go into a branch, in which I could help people, have closer personal connections and where my true passion and interests lie: sports and health!

So I quit my job from one day to another, packed my backpack and travelled around the world for almost a year and came back full of energy to start a “new life” in Amsterdam to pursue my passion at the European School of Physiotherapy in Amsterdam.

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