Friday, 24 January 2014

Healthy, Wealthy, Smart - Online Physical Therapy Conference

Healthy, Wealthy, & Smart

Online conference with interesting subject in Physical Therapy.

What people are saying about the conference:
  • “All of the videos great, informative, interesting and had something for me to “take away”. I look forward to “tuning in” the rest of the week! This is exactly what I needed right now!” Physical therapist, New York
  • “Thanks for getting new, updated, and relevant info out here for PT clinic owners. Its about time somebody is beginning to make a positive change in our field. Cheers to you!,” Physical therapist, California
  • “Thank you for putting this together! Great lectures so far.”
  • “Enjoyed the session. Keep up the great work and educating PTs worldwide through the technology.”
  • “It was a brilliant idea!” Physical therapist, Chicago
  • “I have been enjoying the conference! Really such a wide range of topics- I can see why it would appeal to just about any therapist in all levels of practice.” – PT student, New York

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